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Default Re: TWG Turbo XXIIIIIIII 10 AM/10 PM

Originally Posted by star-crossed View Post
I do not really get the question. It is very OK to be wrong as town, it happens to everybody. And it is good he is trying to do something game related. The problem with the conspiracy theorist aspect of it is that it makes it hard for me to assess if it is genuine.

"the one you are referring to" = ?

And as kind of a side tangent, I am sorry for being salty. I don't want to make a bad game environment. I just feel misunderstood.
you're not salty

"the one you are referring to" is that one time when he called in, you and I the wolves in a c9++ (iirc he was 0/3 on those)
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FFR is a pretty good place somehow.
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