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Default FFR Wiki

>>> FFR Wiki <<<

The goal of the wiki is to provide a useful and easy to access database of information concerning FFR. Hopefully, it should be the ressource of information to check if someone has a question related to the game. While it's technically on another domain, it should feel like it's part of FFR.

- They are the same than on FFR : no offensive content, no disrespect towards other people, etc. Wikia has also community guidelines that we should follow.
- A very important point I want to make is to respect private information of other users. Everything that's been posted by the user himself on FFR solely can be added on his profile. Also, if a user doesn't want to display certain information concerning himself, we should fulfill his request.
- Try to keep an impartial view of the subject you're working on. Reference as much as you can.

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