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Default Songs of the Week 12/3/19

Title Theme (Bean Dreams)
Musician: Flashygoodness
Step Artist: Ghost_Medley
Difficulty: 18
Song Length: 1:16

Musician: Pixel Terror
Step Artist: Rapta
Difficulty: 57
Song Length: 1:52

Hope 4 Hopeful
Musician: Se-U-Ra
Step Artist: AutotelicBrown
Difficulty: 76
Song Length: 1:46

Warm Hands In Cold Fog
Musician: The Flashbulb
Step Artist: TheToaphster
Difficulty: 77
Song Length: 2:11

Please Don’t Remember
Musician: The Flashbulb
Step Artist: Shxfted
Difficulty: 93
Song Length: 2:54
Originally Posted by Charu View Post
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also a fucking helicopter is the absolute last place I'd go to find out how big my dick is
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Dawg you don't even know. It's so fuckin' small I can use a pen cap to jack off

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