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Originally Posted by FreezinIce View Post
your wish is my command
Alright, cool. So you guys can see this thread.

Some ground stuff that you ALIVE guys might not be aware of.

Dead Chat has its own OOTC chatroom (similar to game-talk) in the TWG 200 Discord server.\

OOTC can happen with people in the other game (including 1-on-1 conversations mentioned earlier when night OOTC turned on).

We all have the same alignment as we did in the game that you guys are in right now.

We cannot view your game-talk/Alive OOTC chat.

I'm not sure how to handle OOTC of 2 games technically playing one singular interconnected game, but I suggest we use '@<playername>' at the beginning of a message if we're initiating a conversation in-thread with someone in the game across from it.

Information across both games are going to be both equally vitally important, because of same roles, and same potential for players to end up in the same position.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

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