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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by TWG Mad Dummy View Post
mellon do you think there is potential for shado to be telling the truth?

or do you think he's for sure lying?
I think there is potential for him to be telling the truth. I have no idea what roles or powers exist, it's possible that someone could have turned my seer into a red or that could be a hidden part of my role. So it is possible he is telling the truth.

also, why am I unlikely to be a wolf now?
It just seems like a large amount of bussing would have needed to occur, and it seems like you are scum-hunting in an organic way. Of course I could always be wrong but that's how it looks from my perspective

and why is ignoring prec a better move than ignoring pazzaz?

why would you lynch pazzaz over him?
Because of the way that Pazzaz claimed a role and what that role happened to be. Bus driver is often a scum-aligned role. Precarious seems more like he was just AFK. My wanting to lynch Pazzaz over him is a bit of a crapshoot, I don't have a good read on either of them.

also! what night did you gun AA? and what night did you gun tokzic?
I didn't gun AA. I gunned Tokzic the first night I was in the game, which would have been Night 2
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