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Originally Posted by Shouka View Post
2017 was probably my peak year in terms of numbers and it has all been down hill since then. I started a slow cut at the beginning of 2018 and lost about 15lbs by mid-April 2018 while maintaining most of my strength. As I was bulking back up I had a really bad case of mono starting around Memorial day weekend that lasted about a month and I was unable to eat more than about 500 calories/day for a period of about 2 weeks resulting in a rapid weight loss of ~8-10lbs. After stepping into a weight room after recovery my numbers were absolute shit (squatting and bench 135 lbs for reps was not easy). The numbers did go up over the next few months but I'd be forced to take another break around Thanksgiving because of a second back injury caused by deadlifting. At this point I kind of lost interest in lifting partly because of the injury and also because I was preparing to move to California. I didn't start lifting again regularly until April 2019. Around this time I also decided to start training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I was more focused on the martial arts than lifting but still lifted once or twice a week. At the beginning of November 2019 I injured my shoulder during a bjj practice and stopped doing any type of martial arts or strength training for the most part. I tried going to a few bjj practices in January, but it just made my shoulder worse. I did start doing light strength training at the gym shortly before covid-19 blew up but haven't been to a gym since shelter in place started.

Now I just feel like I'm a shadow of my former self and think I'm fatter than I was at the start of shelter in place despite losing weight. Even now, my shoulder and back have not completely healed and when I look at old pictures and videos of myself it's starting to feel like the person I see is someone else. Before, I would just see myself. Now I see someone who looks quite different.
I also had ups and downs. In the last year, I made it my goal to get in shape and started using pre-workout routines to help me feel energized during my workout. The result did not go from the first week, but it is. If you want to get back in shape, you can try. There are good options here, I tried half of them and were not disappointed. Please do not consider this link as spam, I share my personal opinion and experience. And so it is easier than throwing off links to 8-10 different supplements.
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