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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
not sure why you'd assume there are no extra 3rd parties because there are plenty of 3rd party roles that don't have killing powers

like lyncher, for one

Well fuck.

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
it's strange because haku usually manages to attract a lot of attention to himself regardless of alignment and he's just been passed over this game

yeah he replaced but there was plenty of time left
Haku coming in seriously and trying not to post alot is kind of his wolftell. I think Turbo 6 I called him out on it really accurately when he was at 2 post.

The thing about voting him is that he just had the blunder of his life in Turbo 7, and I did kind of expect him to change his entire game regardless of roles after that. I want to see more from him, but if he doesn't ever get back to us I'm really OK with a Haku lynch.

Originally Posted by ShadoWolfe View Post
I was the first to pressure Aryxi, and I discussed Haku with Haku.

My point is that his wolfleans were the ones that were already laid out on the table, so nothing special about a "mindmeld" there.
Pretty sure I pointed out I thought I saw Haku's wolftell on the same page he first posted in.

Pretty sure I was the only one going at YoshL for awhile

Pretty sure I was the first one (or really early) to scumread DFR, and the first to vote for him.

Pretty sure I was one of the first to call out Freezin's big post as garbage

Pretty sure you're full of shit.

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