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Default Re: New TWG Rules Proposal & Discussion

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
I think he did that due to the actions Zenith did in one game where he was a wolf, I was hounding him, and he replaced out in anger which caused me to form an entirely different opinion that I couldn't share due to it being still illegal.
It's still comical to see you guys thought anger was the main driving point on that replacement-- my cousin overdosed and died on heroine-- which didn't help an already unstable Zenith at that time.

Also Rule 2 should specify clearly that in a mystery setup it is okay to reveal your role PM (not word-for-word, but the idea of what you are capable of) because it has happened in the past and if someone were announcing what type of role they have they shouldn't be modkilled/banned for it, specifically in a mystery game. In a normal setup, yeah, don't mention it unless you are claiming.
Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
and then you realize retaining skill is like 95% of the game after d7
Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
Getting Charu upset is like having Gandhi punching his children.

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