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Default Re: The "^ < > v" game

Originally Posted by Charu View Post
^It's Pikachu!
<Likes to play a lot of games and procrasinates too much for his own good.
>So there was this one time I tripped and it ended up opening a huge hole in the space time continuem where Jolly Ranchers frollicked in the land of lollipops and jellybeans.
^Octopus octopus octopus!
>I play the violin, I really enjoy it ^.^
<I'm very sleepy
VDoesn't like Middie

Originally Posted by choof View Post
you double dad loving dipshit
Originally Posted by t-rogdor View Post
dammit now i have to smoke a picture of choof out of a bong
Originally Posted by smartdude1212 View Post
I can't be the only guy who has wondered what it'd be like to menstruate all over the shower.
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