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Default Re: TWG 199: The Reaper's Game -Final Remix- GAME THREAD

okay here's where I'm at
now that I know (or think to know) that the bulletproof is living through endgame if they don't get mislynched
wolves can't win without fake claiming, I don't think
in the scenario where raeko claims here without a cc, wolves kill me, then TN, and it's a F3 with a mechanical clear vs the scenarios where the real bulletproof loses the F3 has three unconfirmed players
so Haku claiming first isn't as int as I thought it was at first, keeping the bulletproof alive actually has big swings for town
it comes down to things like timing, IE did haku claim early to make the claim more believable or did raeko's wolf team realize that bulletproof needs to be mislynched and haku forced them to play their hand early
aka mikey


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FFA playing 4D chess in Gemity while us mortals are stuck on this gay earth

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Iíve demonstrated self-awareness
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i was pretty close to letting this slide tbh, but honestly your utter lack of understanding of the situation irritates me more than anything else at this point
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seriously everything i wrote went way over your head if your reading comprehension is so far below third grade level while people may care about your opinion you should refrain from giving it because it's worthless
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