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Default FFR Caste/Tier List Part 1

So my friend and I decided to make an FFR tier list based on everyone's skill level.

A few things to keep in mind before viewing this:

1. This is ENTIRELY based off of FFR skill level alone. How much one has contributed in other factors, or their skill in other games, does not affect their standing on the list.

2. FFR Skill Rating ranks had virtually no contribution to one's standing on the list. Some people's ranks contributed, but that's a very little number. So not every D8 listed is Ascended+.

3. Just because your name is not here and you're decently known doesn't mean we disregarded you. This is called Part 1 for a reason.
(Also, our memories didn't serve us the best for lower tiers so bear with us if you're decently known and not as good, you'll probably be in part 2)

With that, I hope you enjoy Part 1 of this list.

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