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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

Originally Posted by Zoshi View Post
who sleeps at 9pm

its 4am here

who has most dedication to game guys choose wies lee
last game i played in before this a fellow human railed on me because i got up late (having slept through my alarm) and was all like

"i set alarms for 4 am so i can get up for twg"

and i was all like

"you can't go around holding other people to your own standards"

don't know about other people but i tend to have absurdly high standards for myself and if i held everybody i met to that standard i would be a grade a misanthrope

this has been life lessons with curry and rice
thank you for coming

For some reason, the middle part is what's causing the trouble. I don't know why though.
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