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Default Re: March/April 2017 Set 1

James May finished the primary judge task for March/April 2017 Set 1. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets.

[All times in this set will be given using the Arrow Vortex timings.]

[6.5/10] Dead Alus {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
**Sync is off by a 48th, fix this up since it is very noticeable, using the timings from your current offset [The second half becomes off by a 24th)
-09.211 - 8th note should be a jump
-09.628, 16.294, 18.516 22.961, 27.405, etc** - Sound isn't powerful enough to warrant a hand, maybe a jump to signify the start of the guitar, or just make it a single tap altogether.
-18.794, 19.350, etc.** - But then you have sounds like these that goes to the kick that you have place in parts like 17.128 that could be strong enough to put hands on but chose to ignore so.
-36.294 to 54.072 - Okay, this section is cool, and I like how its not overlayered with jumps and such. Although, there are some misplaced jumps during this that should be single notes (like a few glaring ones like 44.628 and 49.628, you can get away with making this into a 3-note 24th burst)
-1:31.714 & 1:31.783 - Ghost notes.
-File is not bad, but there are a whole lot of misplaced jumps and a noticeable ghost note in the file. The sync also veers anywhere between a 24th in the second half to a 96th & a 48th in the first half. Fix those main things up.

[7.5*/10] Does the Microwave Oven Dream of Electric Sheep {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
-00.400 - Intro PR is off man. Should be 1, 3, 2, 4
-09.226 - ghost jump, should be a single.
-15.698 & 15.772 - Ghost Notes
-35.152 - that jump should be on the 8th above, this should be a single.
-1:09.023 - Ghost Jump
-1:18.253 & 1:18.327 - Ghost notes
-1:57.125 & 1:57.346 (and similar instances) - Missing a jump for these that are emphasizing the drums. This is for sake of consistency since you are using the 8ths to emphasize the drums on the jumps and there are certain spots in this solo that does use that.
-2:11.385 - This 64th should be on 2 for flow, having it on 4 makes it a bit off in terms of the transitioning.
-2:14.557 - If you're going to have the jumps go to the drums, then this has to be a single. If you're going to have the jump be on the riff, the drums have to be a single.
-Overall, not a bad file. It did feel like it dragged on a bit to be honest, like a droning feeling when playing this file. But most of all, the lack of consistency in the jump placement is what makes this file feel a bit off to be honest. You have jumps going to the riffs and the drums, and yet certain spots you don't have it consistently placed in parts where you have either or being the prominent jump placement. Fix up the jump emphasis throughout the file before its in grounds for acceptance

[8/10*] Eternal Peace Is Nothing But An Illusion {YZYX} (DarkZtar)
-**Sync is off by a 64th, then it gets off by a 48th later in the song
-06.857 - This should have 3-note bursts to accentuate the fills. Which is not there except for the 3-note that's on 7.607
-45.217 - Missing a 3-note burst
-51.003 & 51.110 - Should be a 48th grace note in these two sections.
-59.003 & 59.074 - Ghost notes
-1:02.217 - Could have gotten away with this being a 48th burst
-1:05.645 & 1:05.717 - Ghost notes
-1:54.023 - That jump has to go. it creates an anchor with the 64th
-Okay, the second half makes up for the first half haha. When I played through the song multiple times, the first half just felt like it was lacking a bit of spice in the file. With the sync being off by a 48th, I figured that was part of the feeling of why the file felt off when I played it. Other than that, the main issue is to fix the offset up and checking the sync before its accepted.

[8/10] Gate Openerz {DJ Sharpnel} (DarkZtar)
Oh boy Sharpnelcore :V
-10.329 - The anchor on 4 shouldn't be there, there's no sound that keeps going along that column.
-19.540 - This should be on 3
-1:20.998 to 1:30.663 - I'm disappointed man, this is lacking the jumps that it had in the intro to emphasize the more prominent sounds D:
-1:37.911 - I'm guessing that the hand is emphasis on the vocal strength? If not, should be a jump.
-Oh hey, it didn't drag as long as Icy's file. I'm actually quite glad that you cut this because if you did the entire 4+ minutes of this song, it would just go on forever and forever aaaaaaaa. Anyhow, good job on the file, I didn't find any glaring issues except for the first 10 seconds of the slowdown after the first chorus and what I've already mentioned. Just fix those up and you'll be good to go man~
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