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Default Re: TWG 189: Funnygurl VS T-Force Rivalry POSTGAME

Originally Posted by star-crossed View Post
So this was a weird game. First game back since my head injury. I was not too happy to have been the watcher instead of vanilla town because I have had games where I die the first night even though my reads are completely ass backwards. In fact, that happened in my last game. (Though I guess I was effectively vanilla town here, not having gotten useful info).

I have never had reads this good in TWG before. I apparently spent the day flip flopping my vote between the three wolves, and only voted a town at the literal last minute. And yet I did not feel that confident leading the conversation for various reasons, particularly after losing a ton of morale when Shadowgod died. Kudos to DaBackpack for his end of day 1 play; really, it fucked me up. I hope to not fall for anything similar in the future. Haha.

InD and Kappa, thanks for just being yourselves.
You were very scary this game, and we decided that having both you and indheart alive at the same time was too dangerous since you had been working well together thus far, so we chose you over the cop

Originally Posted by TWG Dan Hedgehog View Post
there are 743 matches for hedgehog suicide on deviantart
that's kind of a sad statistic
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