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Default Re: TWG 189: Funnygurl VS T-Force Rivalry POSTGAME

So this was a weird game. First game back since my head injury. I was not too happy to have been the watcher instead of vanilla town because I have had games where I die the first night even though my reads are completely ass backwards. In fact, that happened in my last game. (Though I guess I was effectively vanilla town here, not having gotten useful info).

I have never had reads this good in TWG before. I apparently spent the day flip flopping my vote between the three wolves, and only voted a town at the literal last minute. And yet I did not feel that confident leading the conversation for various reasons, particularly after losing a ton of morale when Shadowgod died. Kudos to DaBackpack for his end of day 1 play; really, it fucked me up. I hope to not fall for anything similar in the future. Haha.

InD and Kappa, thanks for just being yourselves.
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