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Default Re: FFR Rap battle voting for the champion!

Originally Posted by foxfire667 View Post
Also yes, I am hoping that all votes placed are from people who have listened to all the entrants. I wish yours was submitted in the thread, because I bet it'll be overlooked by people who listened to the other entries thinking there aren't any more after the huge dry spell.

If you're from the past thread and vote please do give SSBM's rap a listen, you most likely missed it and it's quite good!
It's 100% my bad for not fully reading the rules, I just saw "Rap battle contest" and was like cool, ill try. Figured aside from it being a joke, I legit had no chance after hearing yours lol. I appreciate the kind words though!

Also if there's a way to count/change it, my honest vote goes to foxfire.
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