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Default Re: FFR Rap battle voting for the champion!

Originally Posted by ssbmchamp View Post
Where on earth did you find that quote? I honestly voted for myself as a joke because I did not see anywhere saying you couldn't vote for yourself and knew I wasn't gonna win anyway.

On a side note if there's a way to undo my vote I'll gladly place it for foxfire. And if your vote is made after seeing "who voted for who" rather than content based, well, that's not an honest vote either. just sayin
Quotes have a function where you can click on them to find the post they are referencing. If you click on that quote, it'll take you to the prior Rap Battle signups where this was stated.

Also yes, I am hoping that all votes placed are from people who have listened to all the entrants. I wish yours was submitted in the thread, because I bet it'll be overlooked by people who listened to the other entries thinking there aren't any more after the huge dry spell.

If you're from the past thread and vote please do give SSBM's rap a listen, you most likely missed it and it's quite good!
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