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Default Starlink Internet

Got my beta invitation.

$600 one time cost for all the equipment and setup fees.

$99 a month for the service.

Reddit users report an average of ~150Mb/s and ~38ms latency. My current cable internet shows, via, ~230Mb/s, 22ms unloaded and ~50ms loaded latency. I currently pay $105 a month for my cable.

I DO eventually plan to live in a more rural home where I'm going to assume cable internet will not be available. Starlink will be my best option for if/when that actually happens for me.

I have a few questions. Based on the comparison, would you guys opt for Starlink if you had my current internet?

How much better do you predict Starlink will become when more satellites are deployed? Are we possibly talking into the Gb/s range? Will latency improve beyond that 20-40ms they're getting now? I know the engineers say it will but will physics allow for it?

Do you think beta adopters will reap any benefits once Starlink goes full public? Like do you guys think beta subscribers will have a better service or better price than public subscribers will?

I'm overwhelmingly tempted to jump onboard but I do have a single caveat holding me back. I like to play competitive games, like BF4 and Rocket League. I wonder how those would play on Starlink currently and how they'll play as more satellites get deployed.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation?
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