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Default Re: BOAT Kai Ni [Jan 31st Sub End]

New Files!:
CatalinÚsie - MisomyL
c.s.q.n. - Aoi
The Last Page - ARForest

Accept (Notes Pending Still):
Mr. LittleHeart's Adventure
Kill Screen

Summer Utamono (Song doesn't fit my tastes, and I think minijacks are a tad bit overdone in comparison to songfeel)
We Want To Run (A little much in layering, and doesn't feel like it has enough space to express all the nuance of the song in 4 keys)

I think I've found the last couple of songs that I want to step for the pack on my own.
I'm most likely going to start cutting my old re-releases because it feels like I don't need to go too much further over this file count, I just wanted something that was maybe a little bigger than Boat Kai. Somehow, there's 27 (including rereleases for now) that are in here by me which is so much more stepping than I think I've ever done in a short period of time lmao.

Will also probably want to ask for anyone who would like to take a glance at the pack as a whole for some feedback after the submission deadline is past.

I have 3 people to my knowledge that have stated intent to submit to the pack
(choof, VisD, electriczap) and I'll still take a look at submissions if they come in a little past deadline. Anyone else should make sure they tell me tbh in advance again.

Spreadsheet should be updated as well

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