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Default FlynnMac Scores Thread

Hi o/ this is mainly for me to just spam out random scores I get whether they are on osu!mania/Etterna/Quaver/FFR. I didn't want to keep using the saddest blackflag thread so now I'm here . I'll just start it off by saying I just hit 25 MSD on Etterna so feelsgoodman

Yeah. So now I'm 25 MSD!
Best AAA = Casino fire Kotomi-chan / looming shadow of a tree long gone (88)
Poison AND/OR Affection (72)
Best Blackflag = The Scales of Strangeness (91)
Best SDG = Epidermis v2 (97) [9-0-0-4]
Best FC = Winter Wind Etude (100) [13-0-0-2]

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Ok congrats you actually read this have a good day
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