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Default FFR Scores ~2021 Remix~

Well, hello there ! If you missed it, there's a FFR Discord link on the front page (which include its own brag board section!).
You can also download a standalone version of the game for when Flash will no longer be supported on the site which can be found here.

The forum is a little different now when you add [img][/img].
You may realize the picture add itself in the post and it can be a little finicky in the sense that you may have to preview your post to make sure it appears right.

Anyway, here's two late 2020s scores. I just wanted some reference point for the future. It's just easier to track here if you're trying to monitor your own progress.

The FFR Scores ~2020 Remix~ thread is only 19 pages long. I guess the bar isn't too high this year in multiple ways.

Have a nice 2021 year !
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