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Default Re: gold stinger

Originally Posted by gold stinger View Post
Sure gold stinger.
I've had 4 UFO experiences of notability.
  1. 2008: I was watching what I thought was a satellite moving across the night sky, but then it crossed paths with a star, and disappeared, apparently docked into the star.
  2. 2018: I was sitting on a park bench one night, playing Dragonrip on my cell phone, when I noticed some craft in the sky. They were a group of around 7 small, silver triangles. Since they were flying around under the low-hanging clouds, I could tell that they were only 3 meters in length/width at most. They were maneuvering in alien ways, accelerating and sharply turning supernaturally. Intent on watching them as long as time permitted, I finally just got bored and left after 2 hours of watching them fly around.
  3. 2020: Saw a very strange looking, large object, flying very low in the sky, about 1 mile away and cruising toward me at about 60 miles per hour. As it drew nearer, I thought that it looked like a paper machier parade float version of a Gundam Wing robot, glowing with combinations of red, blue, and green translucent lights. I watched it pass over me, and continue until it sunk lower, disappearing under a ridge.
  4. 2020: I saw another very strange object in the sky, at an altitude of about 150 meters. I shouted at it loudly and waved my arms as I watched it moving unnaturally. I could only imagine if it was manmade, it was a very very large drone.

UFO-ology is basically just all the collected stories like this from folks. No one is seeing UFOs with any amount of regularity.

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