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Originally Posted by Travis_Flesher View Post
For example, I have seen real UFOs in the sky on numerous occasions. During those occasions, I stopped what I was doing and watched them intently. Each sighting was of different kinds of UFOs with different flight patterns and details. I am very interested in this topic, watching numerous documentaries over the years, and I am personal friends with many other folks and members of the UFO community. Thus, anyone who says we're full of hogwash is being a spoilsport.

I hope you understand my explanation.
Alright, so are all of them completely unidentified here? Or have you also seen planes/helicopters and shrugged them off as such?
Which would you say you've seen or noticed more of (identifiable vs unidentifiable)?
Have you tried deducing/tracking down exactly what you saw? There's a couple websites out there that help you check overhead air traffic like or
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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