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Default Re: Scores from ElectricZap9

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
This would accurately describe most of the things you've done that I've seen.

Except this thread, weirdly enough.

Well, till I saw the osu scores.
So basically, unless It leaves a community impact, there is no reason to submit osu scores as they mean nothing since the engine's bad (manip 100)
(and they also don't belong here either, Osu! has their own forum, not like I exist there anyways, when I have this)

examples of community impact:
- (this whole video I guess)
- (even though it's not possible without manip, Myuka passed it anyways, and the first one to do so, the rest of his scores would sustain the same amount of craziness this has)
- (Mad session from someone others thought was a hacker)
- (I guess this guy had an impact on ITG)

tl;dr problem with the osu scores?
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