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Default Re: Scores from ElectricZap9

Originally Posted by ElectricZap9 View Post
I regret making this thread, it's absolute cringe
This thread is completely harmless, and if you want to post scores of which you're proud you should feel free to do so. I would imagine that the general lack of responses from others in this thread has indicated to you that, because no one is saying anything, no one is interested. Whether this is actually the case is irrelevant because it's all guesswork. I haven't seen you use this thread to target other players, minimize their skill relative to yours, or proclaim yourself to be the best. This seems like a totally normal thread to me, and calling it "cringe" as a sort of defense mechanism towards anyone who may or may not be thinking it is reductive to your progress and optimism towards rhythm games. Individuals who would take the time to accuse you of being boastful of your accomplishments in a place called the Brag Board are a unique, incendiary kind of boring.
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