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Default Re: Flash Flash Revolution: The App

Originally Posted by KillerScythe0 View Post
Profile chat is definitwly an agreed must, though the hardest part. not including the rhythm game part of it. I do think replays/videos are also a must, and one of the easier parts of the app. Just a reminder to everyone. I AM THE ONLY ONE WORKING ON THIS, I AM A ONE MAN TEAM! i'm even getting shit from my fiends who play this in school... And i got a detention for being off tast on my Ipad, writing in these forums, that is how dedicated to you guys and gals... dancers...
Talk to arcrmx he's an app developer iirc. The profile chat with access to the back end would be pretty simple for him.

But yeah to make this remotely decent you'll need heavy involvement from ffr staff otherwise you will end up with something no1 will use
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
Dossar reached critical mass after the 9th Official and ascended to a being of pure Stepmanian energy.
You won't be seeing him in any more competitions as he has already joined his life force with the arrows.

In our hearts, every competitor is Dossar now. that or I'm guessing he's busy in school and doesn't want distractions.

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