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Lightbulb Flash Flash Revolution: The App

So guys, I am currently in one of the only app development classes in the world (as far as I know) within my school. I was thinking that because FFR didn't have an app of it's own, I was thinking of making an app that let's you access;
  • Your profile
  • Forums
  • Song Info
  • Level Stats
  • Gambling Hall
  • Song Shop
  • and probably more!

Things you won't be able to do... just because it would be impractical;
  • Play the game
  • Change background (depending on the format chosen)
  • and probably more, as me being in class does not give me much time to think on my own and freely... in class I get about 48 minutes to work on whatever.

Sadly you would not be able to play the game... but at the same time, I don't think anyone would want to play RATO on an IOS device. It's almost comical.

I want this to really be a thing, but I would be working on this for a really long time and don't know when it would be finished. I'm currently in school and working on this, for now, I have to plan out what is NEEDED and what is WANTED. I would like feedback on how you would all feel about this being a thing.

Once I get back home, I will be able to elaborate more on this, but I just wanted to get this stuff out there so I do not forget.
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