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Default Re: July/August 2016 Set 7

DossarLX ODI finished the primary judge task for July/August 2016 Set 7. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the July/August 2016 thread.

[6/10] Alive (Evan Duffy Piano Cover) {Evan Duffy} (Poison-)
- 7.11, 12.87, 14.55, 14.79, 16.47: Missing jumps
- 19.11: This directly relates to the point above. What are the jumps being used for in the intro section? I'm noticing more missing jumps if the lower and higher piano are being layered.
- 24.63, 32.31: Missing notes, and missing jumps at 26.31, 45.03
- 35.91, 45.75: Missing note
- 80.07: Another missing note to the lower piano
- At this point I'm not sure what the jumps are being used for. In some cases it looks like emphasizing a louder hit on the higher piano, some cases layering in the lower piano, and the apparent mix results in many missing jumps. I'm also noticing more missing notes.
- To add to the above point: For example, take the three 8th notes from 81.77 through 82.24. Afterwards the higher piano is stepped, but then at 85.11, 85.83, and 86.07 the lower piano notes are missing. 86.31 is also not part of the higher piano (the jack should start on the 8th after).
- 96.63: Loud piano hit missing
- 97.83: This note shouldn't start on up (should be changed to down). The other piano doesn't come in until the 4th note after.
- 103.35, 107.19: Noticeable lower piano notes missed
- 122.67, 126.51: Ghost notes
- 139.95, 144.03: Missing 16th notes
- The ending 16th stream section is also missing 8th jumps (e.g. 127.83)
- This file has a decent foundation although the above issues are significant. If the jump and hand usage in addition to piano stepping was more clear, this file could be considered for acceptance.

[3/10] Heavy Weather - The Storm ov The Undead {Rainbowdragoneyes} (Xtreme2252)
- 9.89: This up 8th jack is mostly ghost notes.
- 11.65, 14.12, etc.: Ghost 16th note
- 11.96: Erratic 16th minijack usage
- 13.37: Missing 24th
- 15.65: Missing 16th
- 19.53: Missing 24th
- Similar types of technical errors to the above occur throughout the file.
- 29.89: The 24th minijacks need to go.
- 31.89: This trill is incorrect
- 34.65, 37.12: These 3/64th things are incorrect
- In some parts I saw the layering go with the lyrics but then the layering scheme disappeared.
- 71.27: This file abuses a lot of minijack patterning for no good reason, and at 24ths minijacks are definitely not recommended at this speed.
- The patterning in this chart needs significant reworking (especially the minijacks) and there are many technical and layering issues throughout the file.

[4/10] Hyperdisco {Annoying Ringtone} (FFR Pro 21)
- Offset changed from -0.037 to -0.097
- 11.05: Missing 8th jump
- 29.05, 30.49, 32.89: These 8th minijack jumps should be rearranged in a way that a 3-note jack isn't formed, as the kick is different from the higher snare.
- 34.33: This 8th jump can be repositioned to not make the 8th down anchor and separate from the kick on the 4th.
- 34.69: In this section of the song, limiting the jumps for the vocals would make this section differentiate from the previous beginning section that used jumps every 4th note instead of switching back and forth.
- 49.72, 49.75, 49.78: These 32nds are ghost notes.
- 57.37: This jump should be a single note
- 58.63, 60.55, 62.47, 103.75, 134.47: The 16th minijacks need to go. Repattern these so it doesn't end in a hand (which results in the forced 16th minijack).
- 73.09: This jump should be a single note. Also this section is not a full-blown 16th stream.
- 80.77: It isn't clear what the other jumps are for in this section. For the four bass kicks (such as 83.65-84.37) it makes sense.
- 105.91, 110.71, etc: Missing 16th
- 106.27, 110.11, etc: Ghost note
- The file was very repetitive especially with its layering. The layering can be varied up more (like the example of the vocals earlier in this review), the patterning can be improved, and some other technical issues should be resolved.

[0/10] Moonlight Sonata {Ludwig van Beethoven} (PetePippers)
- This song contains many drifts in BPM. The wrong BPM is used and arrows are placed in sporadic intervals. As a result the jump, hand, and quad usage are also nonsensical.
- Please sync the song appropriately first before make the steps. The majority of this chart should be 4th, 8th, and 16th notes.

[1/10] Pinkie Pie Loves Sugar {Foozogz} (manicpies898)
- Concerning sync: This file has many unnecessary BPM changes, especially in the beginning. The song runs at a static 220 BPM.
- Jumps and hands are used willy-nilly throughout the file and the patterning is sporadic with minijacks thrown around with no good reason. 21.71 and 22.39 are early examples where minijack usage isn't warranted.
- 94.35: There are large 16th ghost streams here and after, and the file goes offsync again.
- The file needs to be snapped to a constant BPM, solidify its jump/hand usage and layering layout, as well as improve the patterning.

[0/10] Shut the F--- UP [Remix] {PXLMNSTR & Azuritereaction} (Xtreme2252)
- The file has a hold note in the first few steps, and holds are not allowed in FFR submissions.
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