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Default Re: TWG CLXXX - OuO what's this? [Postgame]

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
i decided to write some words about people to see where i ended up and it was different than i expected tbh

5. Gradiant - is honestly the most inside my head, don't want lynched today for sure

11. Precarious - hasn't really played the game so all i have to go on is tone, which him not being wooden and deadly serious is lightly town indicative

9. blindreper1179 - light town? maybe? he doesn't seem to have the paranoia i attribute to his wolf game, from that one time he pushed into his partner sunfan as well as a town roundbox. don't care about him saying he wouldn't be around for the first half of d1 before-the-fact

1. Funnygurl555 - @funny there's a question for ya in here

cares about xiz votes, doesn't mind adding a joke vote?

seems like wanted entitlement or something; those are bad words to describe that but you know what i mean

? expand please?

i guess not a whole lot to look into to give much of a lean. a lot of her posts come before i feel like the game shifted into serious mode. there almost seems like an aloof uncaringness to how people perceive her in the first two points here. probably the towny side of null

4. who_cares973 - at least don't think i would lynch today; real-time chat has been fine and he's been Doing Things; the places where he had friction don't feel great (e.g. talking about...cel/sunfan as a pair and interactions between them?) but don't feel particularly wolfy either, just rough more than anything, loose ends that i feel like he'd be tempted to trim as a wolf because i know he's able to think analytically in the wolf seat

12. Syhto - reads kinda scant, not very developed as mentioned, shows self-awareness of that though. final placement pending some fleshing out of thoughts as promised

3. Celirra - he does feel kinda samey to me but that's coming off a game that broke a streak of all town rolls. i'm just happy he did a thing before the end of time tbh but that's not much to go on. read i should shore up by poking at him

7. Xiz - kinda think him and cel are a package deal now which is why he's right next to cel. wants to shut down the talk between him and wc thinking it's unproductive which is like, mild glimmer of town not wanting to take over the thread with it? posting is fairly lol xd, and i'm biased but i think some of the details he's picking on aren't indicative of anything, but at least he's picking them out

8. Anti-Pearl FreezinIce - very null; he's also in the shading syhto bloc which is just rather easy and we're kinda waiting on him

10. Tps222 - didn't understand his comment to prec's d0/d1 thing, because like, you can just look at the opening of the game for that. might get the "didn't read the OP" read? didn't get why he thought sunfan was "calling [him] out" either, or why he thought i, specifically, had an issue with sunfan naming tps, because i had a rationalization for it. also saying you'll vote within us three feels...constrained; you can lynch anyone and you don't have to make up your mind so far out

6. DaBackpack - i have a complicated read on him where him coming at me and gradi and wanting to do this baiting thing instead of being straightforward about his reads there is pretty strange, and has elements of how i think he'd play a wolf game with arbitrary team members, but even so it's...daring. he does get easier to solve as d1 ramps up and i may not want to resolve him today on account of that alone, but having what i feel are eccentric reads for the game state is a decent way at appearing individualistic. i don't think doing so is him playing the game too far beyond d1 either; i have thoughts about generalities on how people would approach the game that i can expand on, and basically i think he fits those generalities and he'd think to have Spicy Reads as a way of appearing town

13. the sun fan - gimmick is a bit annoying; i touched a bit earlier on how it could be misdirection for reading into voting patterns if he's wolfing. also think usually by now he's able to do things with more confidence than he has, but his syhto read and the perhaps now-forming cel read could be examples of that - BUT the syhto read just doesn't feel good to me either. i think him trying to get by as a wolf on d0 usually involves setting up some kind of an insurmountable wall for his favorite mislynch, and syhto could be that here, and having thread support for the lynch is helping him out. saying she feels the same as the jtwg isn't great because the implication is for that read to change, she has to just feel different, and that's only really with a fresh example of her wolfing to contrast

i think the straightforward expectation would be someone rolling wolf twice in a row should feel at least a little different between the games - either not doing the same thing that just got you caught, or switching up what just worked so you're not falling into the same motions. i'm not seeing a depth of process here to suggest that same = bad, or specific things that are bad, or that where differences may exist, they don't matter
Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
my not lynch list is probably something like

dbp's a possible include there bc reading him still tears me in half

wouldn't feel great about lynching prec, blind or fg atm, with tps being a possible include here due to his pseudo-fish-out-of-water-ness

i didn't really expect sunfan to just headnod at my read on him and move off syhto and to not-cel like he was set up to do


PRs are wolfy guys
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