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Default Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp

Day 827: Chemtrails Over The Country Club by Lana Del Rey

I remember right before she announced the title of this album, she had that whole controversy where everyone ended up accusing her of being a cop-dating racist and I had a good laugh. Then she announced this album title and I had an even bigger laugh.

Sadly, this album isn't good for a laugh. It's... pretty mediocre. Just average soft rock and ballads for the entire 45 minutes. Nothing sticks out good or bad, this is just middling. Good production at the very least, but I fail to see how anyone could be amazed by this stuff. I say good for the LGBTQIA+ community (or really, just the gay men) that they mostly ditched her for Charli XCX as their cis het woman icon.

Best Track: I hate school
Rating: 5/10
The above post has a 50% chance of being useless. Potentially. Maybe.

BEST AAAs: WANDERLUST, Pandora, Necropotence, Mourning The Lost, Eradication, Feldschlacht

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And if you have not recommended any albums yet, do so. Please. I have a goal to reach. Here.
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