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Default Re: Easy Batch Notes

Originally Posted by psychoangel691 View Post
Judge: visD
The Phoenix (TC_Halogen) [8/10]

Judge Notes:
13.408-26.741 I think this section could be very confusing to a casual player, to be honest. The clear foreground melody is being ignored for a very sporadic sound - that further has minijacks to adjacent notes from that instrument, when (while technically correct) those notes have their relative pitch muddied and prominence diminished by everything else that is louder than them: the claps and other percussion, the foreground melody. It genuinely took me like 3-4 times replaying this section just to vibe with the current setup during a 100% playthrough.
There must have been some reason why I opted over that background instrument over the prominent melody... I don't know why I would do this because the next time that even gets picked up is near the end of the song and is way too far away to be an issue for repetition. Changed to follow the more obvious melody; this was a great point to bring up.

36.471 this is so good aaa

53.408 given the 16th stream just above this bit feels kind of underwhelming. Would consider jumps on the 4th...the music here is arguably even more intense than the preceding stream
but 1/2 the density. I'm sure you already considered this, but consider again lol. At the very least, the snare hits at places like 54.241 and 54.866, which you put jumps to when colliding with violin earlier.
Gonna pass on this one; you bring up a fair point, but (at least for me) it lessens the impact of the incoming bridge to the main melody.

1.00.875 consider moving preceding 4th jumps to [12] or [23] for a clearer visual distinction between their big, punchy percussion and this high-pitched guitar note here
Keen eye. Did a bit of shifting; gave up one note of PR (third boxed note) but managed to represent the arpeggiation in the melody properly.

1.04.075 this works better!
Kinda based it off of this with some slight changes.

2.12.475 move this off [14] to accommodate the pr on violin?
Moved to [13] to make a proper 3234 PR. Again, good eye.

Simple and effective. The beginning is my biggest gripe, but everything after plays instantly intuitively.
Very well spotted on all of this; kudos! You're doing a great job.
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