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Default Re: jTWG LXXXIV: 8 New Players and Raeko Game Thread

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
┈┈╲╲┈┈┈┈┈▏┈▏┈▔▔▔▆ ------- Use this dog to vote [twgvote]thesunfan[/twgvote]
I'm having a hard time determining if this fail was on purpose or not. I think this could foreshadow(_god_10) a lot of the game in advance. I thought long and hard about this, and here are my conclusions.

It is pretty much guaranteed that Shadow_God_10 will make a slip at some point in the game. The question at this point will undoubtedly be: is the slip real? Is Shadow_God_10 the type of person to do this?

The format failure in his post would not have happened if he had:
* Quoted raeko's (mellonx_collie)'s post directly and removed the quote bb code
* Used the preview post function

On the other hand, the format failure in his post would have happened if he had:
* Copy pasted raeko's post instead of quoting, which removes the bb code formatting
* Assumed like a noob that twgv is twgvote

This tells us two things:
1. Shadow_God_10 is a noob and cannot lie
2. Shadow_God_10 cannot lie?!
2. Shadow_God_10 doesn't preview his posts.

In conclusion: [twgvote]Shadow_God_10[/twgvote] is an impulsive man child that shoots first then asks questions later.
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Mario's files are top notch, so every time he submits a file I get excited in my pants.
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