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Default Re: Scoring Data in Brutal Difficulty Range

Originally Posted by RenegadeLucien View Post
It's been stated over and over and over again by so many people that the current system's accuracy drops very fast as you go higher up in good count; I don't think this was ever an issue unique to DP/RATO or even high difficulty songs in general.
And yet the system remains the same. I'm aware it's evident elsewhere, it was just most glaring on those charts.

I don't see an issue with trying to hammer out any and all issues in an effort to create a more accurate system. I feel like you take these comments as personal attacks and are quick to displace blame elsewhere, such as on the difficulties having needed to account for this when this was a system assumptive of numerous chart qualities being meticulously considered and represented by a single number so as to treat them identically when extrapolating a score's worth.

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