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Default Re: Scoring Data in Brutal Difficulty Range

Originally Posted by RenegadeLucien View Post
Well, the current system relies entirely on the manually-assigned difficulty rating to sum up all the factors like chart structure. To do anything different, we'd basically need an automatic difficulty calculator like Etterna's.
The current system needed more information to work anywhere near accurately to begin with. Charts have a single number attached to them to approximate the value of a near perfect or perfect score, but the growth rates approaching that point can be widely different depending on chart structure and skills tested, and this had been publically acknowledged. The current system erroneously slapped on identical decay formulas to every chart within a given subtier using a few inputs and comparisons from surveying the event team staff and making modifications as necessary until it looked 'nice'. Much more work needed to be done to capture accurate equivalencies and I voiced that prior to the system's release but no one seemed to care until the problem became much more evident several years later.

Scores on RATO/DP from D6/D7 players were spitting out equivalencies in the FMO or lower range for years but no one paid any mind because it was just a couple charts and sure whatever that's fine I guess. But now that there's gonna be more and an entire division is going to be reliant on most of that range for what comprises their skill rating, that definitely needs to change.

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