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Default Re: TWG 189: Funnygurl VS T-Force Rivalry GAME THREAD

WV didnít have a whole lot to comment on imo, genuinely felt like he was busy and tried to contribute where he could. On to his replacement Chihiro Fujisaki. As far as I can see right now pretty solid posts questioning people and gathering information. Really liking the insights so far and probably my strongest town lean as of now.

Originally Posted by Chihiro Fujisaki View Post
Since I am about to leave, cliff notes:
I like inD and Kappa, and do not particularly like anybody else yet.
If I did not quote you much in my read through of the game, you should consider being more interesting. Haha.
If you disagree with my reasoning on Psycho or have any other comment, please talk through it with me. I would appreciate it.
I just wanted to inquire what makes kappa in your like pile. I saw inD but maybe Iím blind and missed why you liked kappa. Also curious to see your thoughts on the things I brought up for kappa.

Originally Posted by Chihiro Fujisaki View Post
"GOTCHA" I take to mean he thinks DBP is acting as though he has somebody cornered, trapped or caught. That he is on the trail of something important. But I see the connotation as slightly negative, since I do not think Charu agreed that much that DBP was onto something.

Not sure I am right but that is my interpretation.
I appreciate the insight.

So right now my reads are currently at:

DaBackpack - wolf lean
Svaz - haven't read yet
Chihiro Fujisaki - town lean
Zenith - null (subbed in for someone who was completely inactive, need more info)
inDheart - town lean
XelNya - null to possibly red based on other people's actions. I think as this day goes on it'll become a bit more clear.
Hateandhatred - still need to read
123kappa3 - wolf lean
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