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Default FFR Events in the Gambling Hall

Are you feeling lucky?

(Click the image to go to the gambling hall)

As we all know, the gambling hall has generally been pretty slow going. Now we're not making any promises that it will thrive, but we've decided that we'll join in on the fun a bit. As of now, FFR Events will be going to the hall and making bets (and taking them too).

These bets won't be random though, oh no, we're out to take all of your credits. This is because we hate you, and also due to giving out a ton of credits for events. It doesn't mean we'll succeed however, and the more bets are taken, the more likely it'll be we'll bomb on a crazy loss streak and give up millions. Do you think you have what it takes to beat us? If so, stop by and take a bet, or place one. You know you want to.

Our total earnings as of now are +24,776 Credits. Show us up and win some credits, or lose them, that's fine also! Finally back in the green, but for how long, I have no idea. Try your luck!

Just be sure to remember that if you care about secret songs, don't gamble your account into the ground with random bets. Stop at 150k, or you might ruin your day.

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