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Default Re: TWGTurbo 32: The TWG Train Rolls All Night Long GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by mellon_collie View Post
At the time this post was made, Xel only had one vote, but it was during choof's brief unvote. choof was still headed toward voting Xel. and Subaru may have been able to see where the day was going (Big ups @star for the helpful vote analysis post)

yeah guys I think it's subaru
I really don't understand how all of this is pointing me to being a wolf, but I mean... I guess if you're that adamant. I don't know how to convince y'all otherwise.

I said that because like I keep saying, I had no reads at the time. Everyone was null. I work better with flips. I didn't want to sheep, because that's not a genuine vote in my eyes. I couldn't defend that. After being told "nah, abstaining's a bad idea" and having been explained why (twice, or three times I believe), I parked a vote on Charu since he had one parked on me. How any of that is wolfy is COMPLETELY beyond me, but that's literally all I have at this point.

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damnit subaru
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if cocoa flips town, n2 vig should shoot zenith obv
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Okay, I'm 7 pages deep and this is a shitfest.
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wolf gurls exist awooo owo ┐furries? owo awoo

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My beak is bigger than yours
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Oh God it's Subaru

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