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Default Re: Naruto's Ninja Way Voting

First of all, I think this file is extremely hard to step. Definitely a lot harder than the other groups. Also these are first impressions, without much of a technical approach.

Naruto's Ninja Way:

Ninja 1: I was really feeling the intro and rap parts, but man the dubstep section just felt really overstepped to me, did you use grace notes for the wub sounds? I think they're a bit much personally, I can tell the file is accurate and well thought out, but on 100% speed it just feels a bit too much..

Ninja 2: From the start I was really digging the minimalistic approach, although I found it pretty hard to determine whether you were stepping the vocals or the instruments. I think the distinction wasn't very clear at times. Towards the middle I felt the file spiked too much, and I get it. The song hasn't got much variety. So you need to switch the patterns up. However, I think you could have kept with the minimalistic approach and just followed a different instrument. Playing the file again though I think it's also one of the better ones.

Ninja 3: I get that some people want to go the dumpy approach, which is fine. Although I think dump files could be nice for FFR I think this particular dump file doesn't even go with the music much. Felt like you put down some fun patterns without taking the music into account.

Ninja 4: It's hard for me to see where the jumps and notes are going to sometimes, I think it's overstepped.

Ninja 5: This file is so much fun. There is a clear distinction between instruments and I really like the use of color-theory, no sections felt overstepped and everything flowed together well.

Ninja 6: Another good file, good PR, good structure. A bit hard, but very technically sound. Although in the middle a few of the jumps were a bit much for me.

In conclusion I think 5 and 6 clearly stand out here. With my personal preference going to 5

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