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Default Re: StepCon 2020

Originally Posted by Dinglesberry View Post
I'd be in if there was a pool of songs and I knew that I wouldn't be forced to chart some shit song I don't like that the person who decides songs really wants charted or something.

tbh it should be only unique songs, whats the point of making 80 charts for the same song lol
mfw you say this when the host of the event is a competent stepartist with numerous charts in game, and literally is married to someone who has a near 100% success rate with chart acceptance since the site's return, lmfao

as far as the other point: a pool of songs leads to a situation where competent stepartists choose from a not necessarily level playfield in terms of songs (four of the top five of the previous StepCon were the same Venetian Snares song, My Love is a Bulldozer)

note that this isn't necessarily a criticism of the songs themselves as all three songs were pretty good; however, most of the proficient stepartists knew that they had the most opportunity to be a bit more deviated with a Venetian Snares song than they did other things.

one song keeps the playfield as level as possible.

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