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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

Originally Posted by star-crossed View Post
I am really frustrated that the sheriff said that they were ok with being hanged. I do not get that and I feel like it is a let down. My best guess is that she checked on ind and got that he was a STARS member, which does not really mean much if the serial killer picked to be safe from that. (The other mafia is already safe from it.)

I am wondering if raeko could use her power and also kill. Because the other mafia could not kill; it had to be raeko.

Also I feel bad for being so wrong in raeko at first. I think I gave her too much credit when she was mostly being very quiet. Curry voting for her yesterday is a good sign for him, and I believe at least one person called out ffa's lean on raeko being weird, so I will look for that.

I don't think people really commented on my ideas on why olimar may not be SK or mafia. (They were at the start of a big post.) Do you think I am wrong in them?
i don't think she checked me, because she posted more overt reads on other people when i read back. if she did, i think she'd have a way of conveying that info but i don't remember any earlier d1 posts about me from her

second thing is probably something to PM blind about

speaking of ffa's leans being weird, his clearing of xel was also a suspicious read he had to me (he said it was for xel's one-liners), but i dunno if he would do the exact same thing with both his partners. there's a reads list he gives where he goes over both of these things iirc

i would just have to reread your thoughts because i apparently forgot them - do wish he'd respond to qs from yesterday, and he also left thread really close on the lynch and didn't actually vote. what do you think of his agreement with you on roundbox?
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