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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

I am really frustrated that the sheriff said that they were ok with being hanged. I do not get that and I feel like it is a let down. My best guess is that she checked on ind and got that he was a STARS member, which does not really mean much if the serial killer picked to be safe from that. (The other mafia is already safe from it.)

I am wondering if raeko could use her power and also kill. Because the other mafia could not kill; it had to be raeko.

Also I feel bad for being so wrong in raeko at first. I think I gave her too much credit when she was mostly being very quiet. Curry voting for her yesterday is a good sign for him, and I believe at least one person called out ffa's lean on raeko being weird, so I will look for that.

I don't think people really commented on my ideas on why olimar may not be SK or mafia. (They were at the start of a big post.) Do you think I am wrong in them?
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