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Default Re: FFR Hacked.

Nah I 100% understand your argument.

On the bright side, I wonder if emails would bring people back lol, like oh that game.. I guess I could try it again

To be fair though to the staff, #1 that post isn't gonna write itself, I know it's just a simple thing I guess but it's easier said than done, #2 the staff is working on new site as prawn said earlier (hype, I wish yall staff would talk about new stuff more, get the hype comin)

Not only that, but I completely believe they wouldn't know about it until now.. For example, Google "FFR leak" or whatnot.. Can you explain why all the news articles about it are from like, Sept 6th? Actually on inspection it looks like some of them are auto generated sites pulled from some leak data, which would explain why people only know now..

To me it's a really bold assumption to say "it's been 8 months.." I mean, it's not like it's a matter of going "oh damn I knew I should have checked the logs, would you look at that! Someone ran the download algorithm on the backend hexadecimal to get the intranet to parse" like how would you even begin to know you were breached, you'd have to know how it happened, be looking for it and stuff.. Like shit man this sites written with php, I asked my artificial intelligence prof today if we could use Web languages like php and they were like "you can use any server side language, except php"
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