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Default Re: FFR Hacked.

Originally Posted by aperson View Post
what do you think they're going to do? pay out the ass for a security audit? there are way too many attack vectors for this given that the site runs some old fuckin version of vbulletin, some old fuckin version of wordpress, and hasn't had its core updated in like 10 years at this point. the page you're whining on right now isn't even https.

if your password or email here exposes anything amazing about your life then you should probably rethink your security strategy.
Nobody is asking them to perform a security audit. At the very least though, there should be a news post or automated mail to registered users.

Ideally, like most other sites, passwords should be reset given that the breach is confirmed on two sites, with info that I know is valid.

Look, I joined what... 13 years ago? Back then, me and most other young people probably didn't pratice the best web security. I'm willing to bet that a large number of accounts here use the same password for their registered e-mail, and who knows where else. Facebook, Twitter... it's in the best interest for FFR to be upfront and alert people to what happened.

In fact, I'd argue that it's their moral responsibility.

Originally Posted by Synthlight View Post
St1cky only proves that he has no life and that his parents are alcoholics. They probably abused him with rubber duckies when he was a baby. Why else would you exploit scores on FFR?

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