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Default Re: Jubo's Simfiles (mainly Anime)

Originally Posted by DigitalS3r4ph View Post
Damn bro! You're still super steadily making simfiles! Awesome resilience lol. You should send something over to the VGMP 4! I'll try playing some of these soon, it'd be interesting to know how you've come along. :P
Hey Tsuka,

Weekly... Only thing I play most of the time... too much dedication on StepMania. I am a sad man.
Resilence silently updating the first post on new weekly simfiles and bi-monthly update post

My stuff I guess changed from before "better" sync from what I had before (1-150 simfiles, my old ones...) with my globaloffset was set putting things off a lot? (now steady 0ms globaloffset when editing and better knowledge of offsets and audacity) More PAD friendly I guess? and KB is just hit or miss.

VGMP4 huh... mmm what song though mmm.

Jubo Simfiles 4k-KB+PAD

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