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Default Re: Jubo's Simfiles (mainly Anime)

Bi-Monthly update? Can finally finish off 2015 with this post...
What a year...

Here is what happen in 2015
updated... with december simfiles.

Meaning my batch 251-275 has come to a closed... will release the unofficial batch download of that soon...
Still need to complete one simfile in that and one kb chart.
Later in the future... an official fully completed release. haha!

My Batch 276-300 has started... With Dimension W and One Punch Man Opening themes released last few weeks or days ago .

And that is it... Enjoy the simfiles I have made...
Remember to keep up-to-date on my stuff on the first post for the newest updates... or Facebook or my website/wordpress(facebook-plugin). I normally don't spam releases as much as I do on the ODForums.

Jubo Simfiles 4k-KB+PAD

Otaku's Dream Mix "Lazy" Owner...

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