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Default Re: Questions about Online Play for StepMania

Originally Posted by -paexaea- View Post
I was looking for StepMania themes, and downloaded the CyberiaStyle 3.5 from the main website. I wanted to play with my friend from school, but I can't seem to figure out the network address and what server to use. Can anyone help me out?
[u]For StepMania3.9 Online LAN Play...[u]
You need to know your IP ADDRESS and other person's IP ADDRESS.

One person needs to make a server hence

Options -> Network Options
You start the server... Name it...
You connect to yourself... so just enter without anything to input in the options.

then start game as usual

as for the person who is not the server host have know the server's IP ADDRESS. To Connect with... <- to check your IP ADDRESS....

For StepMania 4.0 CVS

register on the forum... (use less than 15? charaters/letters/numbers for your username)
the forum login is your login into the StepMania Server...

For StepMania Procedure...

Create a Profile that matches the forum login name, for multi-purpose make two
for example I have to two for dced nicks if happen..

Jubo & jubo

which is located at:
Options -> Profiles

after that connect to the server
so go to:

Online Play / Network Play
Options -> Network Options

Select Connect
enter enter it again

look the top left corner for the result of "server connected"

then exit
and start the game normally
till you login

use the profile you've made there you go...

the controls explain in SMO site..

I doubt you can get through school network on play... cause firewalls and stuff...
but if you can I guess your school is not secured enough lol!

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