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Default Re: Practising MegaMan X4

Yeah, my mother actually ordered a DJ Dao for an early birthday gift so I'm hyped about that.

Don't get your hopes up because mt work schedule is horeshit for at least another week but right now we've been playing a lot of KoF2002 when we can, although I'll play almost any fighter. Main system is PS4, main ones I'm fairly confident at are Tekken, Soul Calibur and Guilty Gear Strive when that releases.

Because Tekken is PC only this EVO, I'll be getting that soon. Wanna enter that, Strive and Street Fighter V this year. Got some more KoF on PC as well, but not super great at them

That assessment on the X titles seems about right, although IDK if I share that same excitement for X4. It's hard not to declare X1 the best and move on, but there's an appeal to the later ones that's hard to pinpoint (Zero; it's how fucking cool Zero is)

I think I gave all my other thoughts in the video so I'll leave it at that.

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