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Default Re: 8 billy and 12k games played after 11.15 years. Woop.

Wow, you must have no fucking life whatsoever if you bothered to make that post. Some fucking moderator you are. I'm not going to waste my time with you, when I have real life things to take care of. Like, stuff in the outside world.. offline.. away from my computer because I have a fucking life and don't sit on my fucking ass all day playing some stupid arrow hitting game that has gone extremely downhill since the days when Eradication came out. I don't even care if I get banned like you so desperately want to do to me. Proxies and VPN's are quite helpful in the case of banishment. So really, you banning me would be quite futile. Go for a walk, do something away from your computer, you know, do real life things instead of mindlessly wasting your time on some guy like me that's sick and tired of the pile of shit this site has become. Aka, get a life, kid.
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Come on, guys, this isn't rocket surgery
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I may be an ass, but I'm usually a very correct ass.
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I'm like, totally in love with like, Justin like Bieber. I like don't just like, like him.. I like, like like him. Like totally.
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