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Default 8 billy and 12k games played after 11.15 years. Woop.

Since everyone posts whatever the fuck they want in whatever the fuck thread they want to post in, I figured I'd follow suit. Finally got my grand total up to 8 billion, and reached 12,000 games played. Haven't been playing or active much because I have halfassed carpal when playing these days. My poor old fingers just can't take the abuse anymore. I has a sad, but also a happy, and a very disappointed because this site has gotten really gay since my glory days when I could FC Eradiction and nearly any other FMO song. We need COOL songs again. Not this f*ggot ass dancey breaky corey steppy beaty jungle bullshit. What happened to songs like Reality, or Protest the Hero songs, or Disturbed, or Rise Against? Why is there such f*ggotry permeating this website nowadays? That is why I rarely play anymore, all the songs are a bunch of faggy bags of dicks now. There's nothing left for me here other than the cool songs that I used to play all the time. I am disheartened with the way this site has gone. Bring this fucking site back to Cooldom, and stop furthering the ridiculous amount of f*ggotry! Another reason I don't play anymore is because every fucking engine I play on no matter if it's the swf or whatever, is fucking laggy and I constantly miss arrows because the fucking engines are broken. I hit arrows perfectly in time with the arrow catch bar, and I still miss the cocksucking things. Like, reading the newsposts just makes me cringe all over the place because it's just so retardedly fucking gay. I don't give a shit about what anyone has to say about what I've said. This site used to be super fucking cool, and now it's just a pile of f*ggoty shit. Thanks for ruining the site for me and a lot of other people that know what good, cool songs are, and thanks for being such f*ggots in regards to how the site has developed. I honestly hate coming to this fucking site because of how things have developed since the "cool" age of FFR. I could go on for hours about how and why everything has become so fucking horribly gay, but I'm quite sure you people get where I'm coming from. Fuck this shit. This site used to be MATURE, and now all I see is stupid rivalry posts and other immature fucking bullshit. I can see why Arch0wl and MrRubix left, alongside synthlight.

And another fucking thing, WHY ARE ALL THE NEW SONGS LESS THAN TWO AND A HALF FUCKING MINUTES?! 99% of the songs I fucking see are between 1 and 2 minutes!!! Like are your precious fucking fingers too god damn brittle to play a song that's longer than that?! Fucking christ, Dossar, or Dosslar or whatever the fuck your name is, you know exactly what I'm talking about! Man, you could play hour long songs if you really wanted to. Why is every song so fucking short now? Like I seen the Call me maybe dubstep song, expecting it to be the full song, and guess what? It fucking cut off half way to where I expected it to fucking do so! This site is a pure, unadulterated, BLASPHEMOUS fucking joke! And I very very highly fucking doubt that Synthlight and the other cool members would fucking approve of the pile of shit the leadership past and present has turned this fucking site into! Fuck you all because you all have contributed to the fucking ridiculous amount of immaturity that permeates this website. OH, OH FUCKING OH, one last final fucking bullshit goddamn cocksucking thing! The vast majority of the songs I've played are fucking off-sync! Or you put confusing ass arrows where arrows shouldn't fucking go! Fuck me fucking sideways and up the god damn wall to the ceiling! I've never once had a single fucking issue with the site, but now everything is broken and fucking gay as shit! God fucking damn the abhorrent leadership! Damn them all to fucking hell a thousand fucking times!

Fucks sake, FFR, get your fucking shit together! You're supposed to mature with age, not devolve into fucking immaturity!
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