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So I don't
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Default Re: I Talk About My In-Game Files

Originally Posted by Rapta View Post
I like this thread!

Originally Posted by ositzxz369 View Post

Originally Posted by katanaeyegaming View Post
TBH this thread is an interesting way to look back at some files that I like.

(sidenote hope you enjoy whatever you do next man)
I'm putting the finishing touches on a single file, and then I need to get graphics done, and I am dropping a whole pack of Etterna files. It's 42 files with less than ten of them not being mine. So I'm really hyped about it. Folks I've really grown to like in the charting scene were nice enough to toss some files my way for it as well.

Originally Posted by BigHayden1 View Post
i personally found my fxxkin desire enjoyable
NGL I am personally shocked that there are people who enjoy that file. I get that it's a simple file, which arguably makes it an easy read so you can focus on the patterning, but jeez my patterning is bad there.

Originally Posted by SubaruPoptart View Post
I think it's definitely one of the hardest parts of the song, but regardless I definitely knew it was your part LMAO.

The framers in the jacks were what kept getting me, but yeah if you don't have stamina the js will absolutely fuck you up hardcore before you can even GET to the jacks.

On another note though, if you were to make a v2 to any of your charts, which three would you most wanna redo? (I say three because I have a strong feeling fxxkin would be #1)
HEH. But you pretty much explained what I was getting at, in a desert where stamina is water, yeah that file is fucking ROUGH. I am a bit sad at the framers, but due to the file's difficulty, those will eventually get fixed to be approachable properly. The folks who do that haven't missed as far as I am concerned. (Equally should someone wish to write them out for the staff in thread, I would again be happy to provide the file. )

Also, there is a missed file and I'll be adding that shortly.

Added PGWMD to the list, I loathe that collabs don't appear on the profile.

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